Ioana Selaru - A mind of your own

A cinematic acoustic-electronic album, where the young violinist and film score composer Ioana Selaru invites you to her world of remarkable sound storytelling.

Conveyed by thrilling violins layers, evanescent sounds, distorted fragments from speeches and her own untexted vocal improvisation, “A mind of your own” unfolds stories about self-discovery, courage to fight the social script and to rise above own fears and biases. Her journey as a female film composer trying to overcome an almost compact industry becomes an emotional spectacle of captivating yet unsettling contemplative experiences.

Seventy Times Seven opens the work in a modern libation, where the single authentic offering is the eternal self-forgiveness and this is reflected like in a distorted mirror by distant recordings of a preaching on redemption. It all dissolves into an a capella choir of floating angels, expressed in her own overlaid voice, hinting at the real possibility of growth when truly feeling at peace with oneself. The next stories guide the listener through dense dystopian scenes, invite him to visit unknown but utterly familiar places and grant him the entrance into an arena of intimate fights with her own mountains of self-doubt and conditioning. After all this misty meandering, a renewed spirit evolves that chooses the optimism of seeing better times to come, any decade now, any hour now, any minute now.

Ioana Selaru is a classically trained film music composer, producer and violinist born in Romania. Her compositions include original scores composed for short films, documentaries and animations, but her portfolio stretches out far from the traditional media, covering music production for art installations and exhibitions.

Longcut Records 003 


Recorded by ADSR Sound at Longcut Records Studio
Mixing by Cristi Cons
Mastered by Vlad Caia
Artwork by Irina Selaru

Longcut Records 003
Released December 1, 2020